Express Yourself

It makes sense doesn’t it? My first Blog post being about expressing yourself. I have made the decision to start blogging my thoughts on Well-being, so I have a physical copy of some of the deep thoughts that go through my head daily about the subject. Noting them down in a Blog allows me to express these thoughts to others far and wide who may have an interest in the idea of well-being.  Expressing myself through the means of blogging may create ideas in other people’s minds about a variety of things; social conventions, financial decisions or even career choices. But I’m starting this as therapy for myself as well as therapy for others, to be able to look back on thoughts I have had in the past, and to express my thoughts and feelings when it comes to current events, economic issues, environmental issues etc and how all of it affects our well-being. Blogging isn’t the only way I express myself. I do this through the books I read, the music I listen to, the conversations I have and a variety of other means including art, exercise and food. I believe it to be important to express ourselves truthfully, for it shows others the sort of person we really are.


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