How to relax in 2020

Relaxing means doing a minimal amount of things so your brain and body can chill out.

Nowadays I feel like products and services are designed to distract us from relaxing. Distractions are ever-present and in 2020, there are more distractions than ever!

Phones, TVs, gaming, Netflix, all of these are so easily accessible to us now and they have so many things to watch and play on them. My personal enemy in this department is Youtube.

Have you ever been stuck in what I call a  ‘Youtube black hole’? You’ll start by watching a video completely relevant to your life, maybe football highlights, and finish hours later once you’ve watched 8 prank videos, 4 restoration videos, 6 travel Vlogs and a man make a super sharp knife from cardboard (I’d actually recommend that one). 

For me, this isn’t actually relaxing. It’s me filling the spare time in my life with pointless crap until I go to bed.

In 2020, if you find yourself with a spare hour and want to relax, here’s a piece of advice: Avoid screens! Go for a slow and steady walk, sit in the sun, lay on the sofa, light a scented candle or put on some music (can’t go wrong with cotton candles). Don’t ruin your chill time by scrolling on your phone, watching reality tv, or doing some ‘hardcore’ gaming. I’m not saying these things should always be avoided, do them, it’s your life, but avoid  them if you’re trying to relax.

Until my next thought,



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