How to avoid getting ill in 2020

Disclaimer: Eating well, regularly exercising, and being obsessively clean will not stop all illnesses, sometimes, it’s just not your day. Grab a tissue, stay inside and wait for it to blow over.

So there’s isn’t a perfect answer for the question ‘How to avoid getting ill’ but I do believe that there are things we can do to help us. I think it’s all about giving yourself a fighting chance (think Mike Tyson Vs The Common Cold, I’d watch that).

Let’s start with an obvious one, cleanliness. Especially now with the ‘C word’ going around, it’s hard to go through social media without seeing an advert on how to wash your hands, as if it’s that difficult. I’ll give you a good gist on what to do and how to be clean, if something you’re about to touch is dirty or could have germs on it, clean it. If you’re dirty and you might have germs on you, clean yourself, easy really, don’t be lazy.

Next, dieting. The taboo word of the English language. There are more diets out there than I care to count, and I think people complicate ‘dieting’ too much (that’s an understatement). I’m not going to go into the nuts and bolts of dieting, the information is out there and I can use that idea for another blog (winky face). But I’ll say this, adjust the food you eat to become as healthy as possible, so your body can be as efficient as possible to fight off illnesses.

Finally, exercise. This follows a similar path to dieting, and I’m not going to give you a complete workout guide (hmm, another blog idea), but I’ll tell you what I think exercising does to help prevent and fight off illness. Once again I’ll make it as simple as I can (my favourite way of explaining things). If you improve your stamina as well as the condition of your lungs, any respiratory illness will surely be less effective. If your heart is healthy and strong, then the ability for your body to pump blood through arteries and veins will be better ( there’s a little ‘bro science’ going on here, but you get my drift).

So I’ll finish by saying take responsibility for your own health, be clean, eat a varied diet to improve your health (not different types of chips, I’m talking fruits/vegetables), and finally exercise! Build those muscles to knock out any colds that are trying to invade your space.


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