The clear mind

They say you can maintain a clear mind for only a few seconds before it starts becoming busy again, but it’s those few seconds that can make the biggest difference to your day. It’s a skill that’s not new, but it’s a skill that many people have forgotten, or never even learnt. 

I was in my late teens when I learned how to clear my mind, through meditation and mindfulness. I would sit for only a short while, 10 minutes or so, do nothing but breathe, and instantly feel refreshed (it’s like your brain getting into a bed with fresh sheets). All of a sudden I feel capable of making better decisions, unrushed and amazingly calm, which creates the knock on effect of making me feel happier in myself.

This isn’t a skill taught in school (although if I were in charge it would be), you have to find out how best to do this for yourself. Some people will listen to music, treating it as white noise and drowning out thoughts for a time. Some people will sit cross legged humming. I could list loads of wonderful ways individual people clear their mind, but ultimately, if you find something that works for you, then great. 

Personally, my preferred way to clear my mind is to sit quietly and look into space. I will sit in my garden with a cup of tea, look up at the stars in the sky, notice the different constellations, and my mind will clear. I think it’s because looking at the stars makes me realise that my thoughts are relatively insignificant, whatever happens to me is insignificant, space will never change no matter what I think, say or do (unless I build a planet destroying weapon, which seems unlikely). Others can judge you for how you clear your mind, but if your mind is clear, their judgements mean nothing. So if your favourite method of clearing your mind means you get naked because it’s freeing and submerge yourself into the sea, then good for you and I’m happy for you that you found how to clear your mind! (I just hope the water isn’t too cold)

Of all the things I do to keep fit and healthy, clearing my mind is what keeps me best in shape. Let me know how you clear your mind, we shouldn’t be afraid of sharing, your methods might also work for someone else.


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