Stepping Back

My mind runs, no, sprints at 100mph every day. I have thoughts and ideas all the time and some of the thoughts that have been dominating my mind recently have been about how to earn more money.

I’ll run through loads of ideas in my head, only to come to the conclusion that, especially in the current climate, I can’t really start anything.

This realisation unmotivates me. But then, I’ll step back and look at what I already have. A house, clean water, endless entertainment in movies and books, food and a roof over my head. So why do I need more money?

Very simply, I don’t. I see the lifestyles 0.000000001% of the world live like and my mind gets carried away. Fortunately, I’m able to bring myself back down to Earth and live a happy life with what I already have.

So bring yourselves back down to Earth, what you’re searching for is likely what you already have.


Until next time,





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