Subconscious Living

More often I found myself living life on auto-pilot and not noticing how I was reacting to the things going on around me. I would subconsciously react with words and emotions that I wasn’t in control of. My mind was either too busy in the past or the future, to notice what was going on in the present. It would seem that it’s easier for the brain to look back on things that it cannot change and look forward to things it cannot affect. It was only after I heard about this type of “subconscious living” that I realised I rarely took the time to consciously think about what was going on, here and now. I decided to change the way my brain worked which was surprisingly simple, and now when going about my daily business, I make a conscious effort to conduct myself in the way I want, so I can be the person who I want to be, and the person who I want to be perceived as just by taking a couple of seconds to think before opening my mouth or making a decision.


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