Are we too comfortable?

I suppose I need to explain what comfortable means to me. Comfortable, to me, means having a warm place to live, food on the table, running water and…that’s about it.

Advancements in technology have helped us become more comfortable by making the above 3 things easier to manage, thanks industrial revolution. Because they are now so easy to manage, we have forgotten that these are the only things we need to be truly comfortable. 

So what isn’t comfort?

Comfort is NOT the satisfaction you think you get when you perceive that someone likes you. Comfort is NOT getting likes from perverts on Instagram* or getting views from jealous teenagers on a Vlog. It’s NOT even getting loads of views on your blog called junk thoughts….

*Disclaimer, unless this is your actual source of income. In which case, I suggest you get yourself a skill. A skill that someone will pay for should your Foot Fettish IG pics no longer provide you with enough of a monthly income. 

Our basic needs of comfort are often met so easily and quickly now, that we have more time to start caring about ‘stuff’ that we really shouldn’t give 2 flying pig shits about.

“Does Jon think I’m pathetic in the gym? (Probably)”, “Does Jenny think I’m popular enough to sit at this table? (Probably not)”.

We as humans shouldn’t find comfort in knowing someone likes us or whether someone thinks we’re fit. We should be finding comfort in knowing that we have warm bodies, full bellies and hot showers to go home to. 

Instead of thinking about anything else, think about how thankful you are that you have all of these comforts so easily. This is best done with a cup of earl grey and biscuit in your hand.

So to summarise, are we too comfortable? Yes, we’re so comfortable we have the time in our lives to worry about shit that doesn’t matter at all.

Until next time,



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