Survival instincts

I know to survive, I need to have water, food, shelter, warmth and to be able to BREATHE.

I don’t find managing these 5 aspects of my life all too challenging, I’ll be honest, not anymore. However, I feel sorry for those people who find one or more of these aspects challenging. Those people who struggle to acquire food, or struggle to keep a roof over their head. Fortunately, that isn’t me.

The one aspect I spend more time on now than ever, is breathing. Without breathing, I will die, end of discussion. So why was it that I neglected my breathing for so many years? Simple really, I was distracted by bullshit. Social media, gaming, football, friends even. I was so distracted by other things and what others thought of me, my mind would go wild and I’d forget that I was in control of my own breath. I took it for granted, the simple act of breathing.

I’m a big believer that the pace of my breath dictates how I react to situations, so I control it (as best I can, I’m no Master Yoda). By keeping it under control, I can behave how I want to in situations. I can react calmly, especially when discussing things that don’t really matter to my survival, like how I look, or football.

Some people may think that I over-simplify life, that I’m a Simplist. But I know that I appreciate everything that contributes to my life, my survival and comfort. And I take pride in appreciating the ability to breathe fully, having a full belly, being hydrated, warm and dry.

Anyway, I hope you can look at your own life and identify what’s key to your survival, instead of being distracted by things that are meaningless, until next time.



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